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The TruthAction Process

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TruthAction works with native pastors and missionaries to approve and translate The Greatest Story Ever Gospel booklet and teaching kit. They also send pictures and suggest cultural details as we research the people-group (no matter how small),  and then strategically customize the booklet in order to best reach their hearts for Christ.

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Culturally Relevant Illustrations & Design

We complete the culturally relevant illustrations and design, print, and then laminate the materials to be waterproof and durable for remote conditions. One example of cultural contextualization is shown in The Garden of Eden scene in The Greatest Story Ever, which always shows several plants and animals the people will recognize from where they live. This Garden of Eden was drawn for The River People of Amazonas, Brazil. Some of the animals that you may know are native to the Amazon rainforest are the sloth, the jaguar, the capybara, and the pink river dolphins, as well as several others in this scene.


Assembly of the Gospel Booklets

Volunteers help us produce the booklets at TruthAction Assembly Parties at churches around the country. 

Lesotho GSE Materials (2021_07_13 06_53_

GSE Teaching Kit

TruthAction creates a matching teaching kit to send with The Greatest Story Ever (GSE) Gospel Booklets. The teaching kit is user-friendly and not dependent upon electricity, which appeals to the native pastors & missionaries and their partners. 

We Pack Up the Materials and Off They Go!

They travel by motorized canoe in the Pacific, by boat down the Amazon River, by off-road vehicle over the plains of Africa, and carried by foot in the Himalayas and other remote areas to reach those at the ends of the earth!  

Sharing the Good News

The GSE teaching kits and Gospel booklets are received and shared with friends & family, and souls are saved for eternity! We are thrilled to see the native pastors & missionaries use these materials as their own, excited to have culturally relevant tools to reach their own people with the Gospel. All materials are also waterproof and durable for remote conditions, so will be used multiple times for years to come.  Because each booklet can be shared multiple times and the teaching kit can reach groups of people over and over again, a conservative estimate for TruthAction's impact in the world to date is at least half a million unreached people have heard the Gospel through this ministry!

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