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   TruthAction works with nationals and missionaries to create custom-illustrated and translated booklets just for their people-group, and creates a matching teaching kit to go with it. We work with local churches to assemble and distribute Gospel booklets around the world. TruthAction's labor is 100% faith-supported through monthly donations and love offerings.

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    What usually happens is that the sending church or the missionary's home church will cover the cost of the materials, which is about $1 per booklet. Sometimes an indigenous missionary may not have a sending church, and TruthAction covers the cost of materials when funds are available. The reason this cost is higher than a standard paper tract is because these booklets are laminated and include a carabiner. The lamination makes sure the materials will last for years in any climate and this is also why we need many volunteers to cut out, hole punch, and assemble each booklet (200,000 handcut and assembled pages so far). Thank you to all the volunteers who aid us with this labor of love to make this possible!

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